Cardstock Alphabet

$19.95 USD

Our cardstock alphabet is an affordable option for home or occasional use. Unlike our Traditional Movable Alphabet, our economical Cardstock Alphabet is printed on heavyweight cardstock (not laminated) and cut into rectangular cards (the corners are not rounded). Organize them in an egg carton or craft box, put them on the shelf, and get right to work!

  • Choose print or cursive font (to match your child's sandpaper letters)
  • Cards are approx. 1.25"W x 2"H and are eco-printed on only one-side (to isolate the difficulty)
  • Includes 20 of each vowel, 20 each of the high frequency consonants n, r, s, and t, and 10 each of all other consonants...plenty of letters to write everything they like!
  • Consonants are pink and vowels are blue to match the sandpaper letters
  • Comes with a powerful lesson plan that will bring the alphabet work to life

This is a classic Montessori material designed to help children reproduce words with symbols even before their hands can manage a pencil. With a selection of letters before them, children do not need to sort through their entire memory of written symbols (which include numbers and graphical representations) to find what they seek. With just 26 letters to choose from, their possibility of phonetically spelling the word they have in mind increases dramatically. Thus, we can give children a gradual, gentle path to follow as they learn to create words. They can take baby steps, build on their success, and build their confidence along the way.

Created by a Montessori teacher. Eco-printed by parents/teachers/students in our rural New England office.

If you'd rather craft these yourself, you can purchase a Digital File ready to print and cut. Or, if you prefer them fully laminated with rounded corners (recommended for classroom use), purchase our Traditional Movable Alphabet.

Made in the USA.




Cloth Pouches: Our favorite way to house and display our alphabets is in our Alphabet Cloth Pouches. These are color-coded to match your alphabet. 

Egg Cartons: Our Cardstock Alphabets can be stored and displayed in egg cartons. We recommend placing two cartons (one 18-egg carton and one 12-egg carton) side-by-side and hot gluing the bottoms to a piece of foam board or chipboard. You can even use the lids to help keep the dust off when the alphabets are not in use.

Craft Box: We like the 40-compartment box available from the Container Store because it has a transparent lid that helps keep the dust out without hiding the letters. Another alternative is a velvet 30 compartment jewelry box (like this one we found on Amazon). We tested it in a public school Montessori classroom and it held up well...the children loved to touch its soft sides.

Helpful hint: Whenever you start work with any movable alphabet, remember that the first lesson is how to carry the box, take letters out, and put them back in. Don't be afraid to practice doing this many times before you write a single word. 

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