Citizen of the World: Essential Montessori

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This wonderful new publication captures all of Dr. Montessori's essential teachings on human development and society in one manageable book.

Maria Montessori never swerved from one of her main messages: the need for a radical transformation in education to ultimately improve society as a whole. This book offers the reader a selection of essential lectures and articles written during the last 25 years of Montessori’s life; they show the maturity of her ideas on human development, with an acute awareness of society’s shortcomings that thwart the human potential. The articles discuss the implications of her discoveries for moral and social life; her evolved understanding of the four stages of development from birth through early adulthood. And through four lectures delivered at the 8th International Congress in San Remo, Italy, 1949, Montessori bring us her own brilliant summary of a life-time of work.


  • Introduction
  • The Two Natures of the Child
  • The Meaning of Adaptation
  • Moral and Social Education
  • The Four Planes of Education
  • Reconstruction in Education
  • The Forgotten Citizen
  • The Permanent Relevance of Maria Montessori’s Plea
  • The San Remo Lectures, 1949
  • Peace and Education

The individual chapters of this book were previously published as standalone titles by AMI; by including them in one publication you can now share Montessori’s intellectual journey.

Paperback: 140 pages and 11 illustrations