Geography Folders

$14.95 USD

These folders coordinate perfectly with our Geography Cards. You'll want one folder for each continent. The set of 7 folders includes a print-out of each continent that matches the Montessori continent puzzle map (e.g., red for Europe, orange for North America on a blue background). Simply cut out the continent and affix/glue it to the top left of a folder (see photo). 

We recommend using a wooden pot lid holder (not included; available from other sellers) to house all seven folders (one for each continent). Then, place 10 parallel images in each folder (e.g., for each continent include a mountain, a street scene, a market, etc.). The folders will always stay on the shelf but you can rotate the images within each folder regularly to keep the material fresh and constantly in use!

Download the continent master (print this out yourself to affix to your own folders; a print out is included when you purchase a set of 7 continent folders)

Item #: GFFOLD

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