Imperfect Antonyms

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These are just like our first quality cards except there is a slight production error that made us judge it as second quality. The error may be that the colors are slightly off, the images slightly askew, a spot or small hair in the laminate on one or more cards, and/or a slight curve to the laminate. Often the error is only on one card and customers can't find it (but we can)! Other than that, these are perfect and complete. Our production error means big savings for you!

Deep and shallow. Hot and cold. Skinny and pudgy. Children love to play with opposites/antonyms and these cards let them do just that. Read these yourself to inspire your spoken language games. Then, once the children start reading non-phonetic words, set them free to play antonym card games.

We offer two packets so you can rotate the work to keep interest alive.

  1. Group 1 focuses on physical comparatives (like shallow/deep, hot/cold)
  2. Group 2 targets states of being (like awake/asleep, young/old).

antonyms packet 1

Each packet offers the following key features:
  • Right-left format makes it easy to lay out cards in columns for matching
  • Color-coded (teal) to distinguish these cards from other word study materials
  • 12 pairs of matching cards; 24 cards total
  • Rounded corners (no pricked fingers or dog-eared cards)
  • Fully laminated
  • Cards can be displayed in our small teal cloth pouch
  • Comes in a sturdy, clear reclosable bag for storage
  • Lesson plan included

Created by a Montessori teacher with help and guidance from Montessori teachers and teacher trainers. Eco-printed by parents/teachers/students in our rural New England office. Cards are approximately 2.75" x 1.75".

These are also available as part of our complete Word Study Card Set and can be purchased as Digital File so you can make your own cards.

Made in the USA.