Lemon Cloth Apron

$25.95 USD

This all-cotton, lemon swirl apron is a favorite at Maitri. We adore this fabric! It combines elegance, functionality, and a little panache. This pairs beautifully with wood polishing, banana cutting, dusting, or many other activities.

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Our Primary aprons are designed for children aged 3 to 6. The apron dimensions are approx. 17.75" L x 12.5" W. Primary mats are approx. 11" L x 17" W.

Our Elementary aprons are designed for children aged 6 to 9. The apron dimensions are approx. 22" L x 15.5" W. Elementary mats are approx. 14.5" L x 19.5" W.


To get the design just right, we enlisted the help of Montessori teacher trainers and hundreds (really) of Montessori teachers. The results are the perfect apron design. (You can read all about it in our blog post on Apron Design.)

  • Water-resistant, eco-happy fabric: These 100% cotton fabrics are coated with a non-toxic, water-based polyurethane that is CPSIA-certified BPA and Phthalate-free. Our fabric also meets the human-ecological requirements of the Standard 100 by OKEO TEX. This is a matte coating that is soft and not at all reflective/glossy.

  • Flexible, soft neck: We use an extra soft elastic neck that adapts to fit over smaller heads or big hair!

  • Strong fastener: We sew 4" of velcro near the front/middle of the apron so that the child can look down and readily see what they are attaching. The strap contains 3" of velcro so that it is adjustable for larger and smaller waists. And, of course, we round the corners on the velcro so there are no pokey edges.

  • Long ties: For our tie closures, we attach enough tie to each side so that most children can bring the ties to the front or tie them in the back.

Fabric Care

Machine wash cold, hang dry, and iron out wrinkles.

Made in the USA with domestic and imported materials.

Note: Sometimes, we may need to use a slightly different fabric/trim than pictured.

ITEM #s: 

  • Hook/Loop: APVLEM (Primary) or AEVLEM(Elementary)
  • Tie Waist: APTLEM (Primary) or AETLEM (Elementary)