Setting up the Language Area (E-Book)

$5.95 USD

This short digital book is a thorough and complete guide to setting up the Montessori early childhood (primary, ages 3-6+) language area. It includes not only lovely photographs of model classrooms but many helpful tips on what lessons to offer and how. This is essential reading for all new Montessori teachers and a great, inspirational refresher for experienced ones.

Inside you'll find explicit instructions and photographs on designing each of the following language areas:

  • Spoken language (Phonemic awareness)
  • Writing (creating words)
  • Reading
  • Function of words (grammar)
  • Word study
  • Reading analysis

31 pages; full color

Also available as a staple stitch paperback. Published by Maitri Learning. 

APA cite: Volkman, J. (2019). Setting up the Language Area. Maitri Learning.

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