The Absorbent Mind by Maria Montessori

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This is the authentic edition with a translation that is approved by the Montessori family.

You've heard that young children have a mind like a sponge (absorbing everything). This books analyzes the behavior and learning potential of the young child from birth the age six. In this education classic, you will hear Dr. Montessori explain the scientific observations behind her coining of the term "the absorbent mind." What does this mean exactly? What are the key aspects of the young child during this critical developmental period? What does she mean by the horme and meme?

"The present volume is based on lectures given by Dr. Maria Montessori at Ahmedabad, during the first training course to be held after her internment in India, which lasted till the end of World War II. In it she illustrates the unique mental powers of the young child, which enable him to construct and firmly establish within but a few years--without teachers, without any of the usual aids of education, nay, almost abandoned and often obstructed--all the characteristics of the human personality."

- Mario Montessori's 1949 Introduction to the first edition

A must read for all those interested in child development or Montessori pedagogy. This book is required reading in Montessori teacher training courses.

Paperback; 270 pages