Word Study Materials Now Available!

We have been working on these for over a year. We based them on the AMI training, created a draft, spoke with AMI trainers, completely revised the draft, had it reviewed by AMI trainers and Montessori guides, and then refined the results. It was a massive effort!

We hope you like the result: our Complete Word Study Collection. Use these with children who are just moving past phonetic reading and puzzle words, about the same time you introduce function of words work. But long before then, offer spoken language lessons on related nouns like animals and their groups or animals and their homes. Sit together in a small group and say, "I'm thinking of animals and their young. Bear.... cub. Dog.... puppy. Can you think of some?" Invite them to offer the ones they know and keep peppering in interesting ones of your own (after reading the word study materials). With this approach, by the time they are ready to read, they will be confirming and remembering their existing knowledge. How confident they will be!

If word study wasn't in your training, we've created three short videos to help you get going. As always, these materials are accompanied by detailed lesson plans too.




January 18, 2017 by Julia Volkman
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