Spanish Movable Alphabet

$29.95 USD

Write your heart out in Spanish! This includes everything you find in our traditional Movable Alphabets plus 10 of the Spanish ñ, 10 of the dots for above the u (diaeresis), and 20 accent marks. This is a great material for Spanish immersion, bilingual classrooms, and specialist teachers.

  • Comes in print or cursive so you can match your sandpaper letters
  • Fully laminated
  • Includes:
    • 20 of each vowel
    • 20 of the high frequency consonants n, r, s, and t
    • 10 of all other consonants including 10 ñ 
    • 20 blue accents
    • 10 blue diaeresis (dots for above the u/umlauts)
  • Rounded corners to acknowledge the tactile sensitivities of those small hands
  • Comes with an inspiring lesson plan that will bring the alphabet work to life
  • Store this in egg-cartons or the craft box we offer (sold separately)

Cards are approx. 1.25" wide x 2" high. Accent marks and diaeresis are approximately .6" high.

Choose cursive or print from the Options drop-down menu.


Item #: SPMATR

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