We were fortunate to be ahead of the curve when the COVID-19 policies began to hit states across the US. Harvard University had sent our founder Julia (who helps teach a course there) their advice and guidance for minimizing disease spread during the pandemic. We started following it right away.

So, before it was required in Massachusetts, we ramped up our hand hygiene, began working separate shifts, started wiping down all high-touch surfaces, and stayed out of the office if we were symptomatic in any way or thought we may have been exposed.

We've continued and formalized these policies, adding them to our employee handbook, so we thought it made sense to share them with you.

  • Stay home if symptomatic
  • Stay home if exposed to someone who is diagnosed with or suspected to have COVID-19
  • Continue staying home for an appropriate quarantine period after you/your loved one feels healthy
  • Wash your hands upon arrival, after eating, after toileting, and after blowing your nose/touching your face (we also have hand sanitizer available in easy to access areas for use throughout the day)
  • Keep the air circulating by opening doors/windows and/or using fans/ventilation devices
  • Wipe down all touched surfaces with disinfectant at the beginning and end of each shift
  • Work staggered shifts
  • If you must be in the office with another employee, wear PPE (our sewing specialist made us wonderful masks to help in this regard)

We are also aware of research that shows that the virus may survive on surfaces for some time. For this reason, all of our materials go through a waiting period after we make them and before we ship them. This waiting period is, of course, further augmented by shipping times from our office to your location.

Our intention in formalizing these procedures is to protect our employees and our customers while still allowing us to make beautiful materials that help children thrive. Please let us know your thoughts on our approach or any innovative strategies you are taking yourself. We love to hear from you!