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Article: Cursive vs. Print

Cursive vs. Print


My question is back to the cursive vs print. I am teaching the children cursive SP letters, cursive moveable alphabet, and all writing (latter just getting started with many) are all in cursive. So, as I start showing the vocabulary card labels for the phonetic matching game and, soon after, the "three part cards", shouldn't these cards also be in cursive?

I am worried it is too soon to bring out print labels for the vocab, 3-part, and Parts of cards/books. All of my card labels and definitions are print. Is this ok or should I at least print out cursive words and tape over print (temporarily)?


This is such an excellent question. In my own classroom, I had the same question. I spoke with my trainer (and since then many others) and she said that I should write in cursive the first labels for the phonetic object box. From that point on, all labels should be in print. There is in fact no direct instruction given to the children for print because our culture immerses them in print. They have had excessive exposure to it. I know it seems unrealistic to expect this, but I have seen it happen again and again where the children are taught cursive but just "magically" start reading in print. 

Originally, I offered the phonetic reading cards in cursive and was corrected by several AMI trainers. All should be in print.

But, don't take anyone else's word for it. Try it and see what happens with your children. If adjustments need to be made, we can make them! Just be sure that you are presenting all four levels of the sound game and teaching the pink, blue, and green sandpaper letters at the same time. Only when children know 90% of the letters AND phonograms at the second-period, should you introduce the movable alphabet. Reading will happen spontaneously at some point after alphabet work begins. Watch for it!

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