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My daughter is going to be homeschooling her 1st grader. She homeschooled last year with the help of video chats and lesson plans written for her, however, that source does not do 1st grade. My daughter has a baby due in October and has purchased a Montessori program that's available, however, she is totally overwhelmed and doesn't feel confident in doing the weekly lesson plans. Would you happen to know anyone that we could get to write the yearly lesson plans for her 1st grader? Thank you so much.

Julia says:

It's so wonderful that you are trying to support your daughter and your grandchildren! What an exciting time for you.

I'm a little confused by the idea of weekly lesson plans. In Montessori, we absolutely make a general plan of the lessons we hope to offer each child each week. However, that is completely individualized. It depends on the child's interests and their abilities and what work that have done already and how well they were able to do that work. So, it really isn't possible to write weekly lesson plans for a child you don't know. Anyone who is selling those is not actually following the Montessori method.

I recommend that your daughter check out the book Montessori Homeschooling by Susan Stephenson on this subject.

June 17, 2022 by Julia Volkman
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