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Article: Podcast: Neuroscience of Montessori

Podcast: Neuroscience of Montessori

A few months ago, I got together with Céline Guerreiro my new friend in France who has a podcast about child development and neuroscience. Her work aims to support  "everyone who contributes to the full emotional and cognitive development of children. My goal is for every child to develop to their full potential. Montessori education is highlighted in many episodes."

The podcast is introduced in French but this episode, after the introduction, is in English.

Céline asked wonderful and insightful questions so we had a lot of fun for this episode. Some of our key topics were:

  • Overview of research on Montessori
  • Pillars of Montessori
  • The power of observation
  • Biology and experience influence development
  • The absorbent mind
  • The mind is made by the work of the hands/plasticity across development
  • Sensitive periods and plasticity
  • Critical period/language development
  • Dynamic skill development: optimal/functional levels
  • Eustress vs. toxic stress
  • The role of choice in executive function development
  • The connection between executive functions and emotional regulation

So, add this to your podcast list, relax, and enjoy. I hope its useful!


@Sally: I couldn’t agree more! It was like Dr. Montessori had an fMRI in her eyes. But it shows us the power of scientific observation. We can all develop our capacity to see objectively what is happening.

Julia Volkman

I truly enjoyed this interview. Is fascinated to me that all the latest discoveries in neuroscience sustained Dr. Montessori discoveries make hundred years ago.

Sally Korte

@Lisanne: This is important. We want to have transcripts or closed captioning available for all of our podcasts/videos. Unfortunately, we do not have a transcript for this talk. But, we’re hoping you can get one by using

Let us know if that works!

Julia Volkman

Do you have a copy of the transcript for this podcast please? I am profoundly deaf and can’t listen to it.

Lisanne Hedger

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