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Spanish Transportation 3-Part Reading

$19.95 USD

Now in Spanish! There is at least one child you know who goes ga ga for everything that has wheels. Use these cards to turn that interest into great work.

Transporte en Español Lectura en 3 Partes

¡Ahora en español! Hay al menos un niño que conoces que se vuelve loco por todo lo que tiene ruedas. Utilice estas tarjetas para convertir ese interés en un gran trabajo.

  • 3-part format includes photos, labels, and control cards (word and label put together)
  • Features 12 modes of transportation that represent the breadth of common methods (see photo for list); 36 cards total
  • Rounded corners (no pricked fingers or dog-eared cards)
  • Comes in a sturdy, clear reclosable bag for storage
  • Lesson plan included

Laminated cards are ready for use. Unlaminated cards are being discontinued so what we have in stock is hugely discounted!  See laminating recommendations if purchasing unlaminated cards. Created by a Montessori teacher. Eco-printed by parents/teachers/students in our rural New England office. Cloth pouches sold separately.

Approximate card sizes are 3¾” x 4¼” (control cards), 3¾“ x 3” (photo cards), and 3¾” x 1¼” (word cards).

Made in the USA.



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