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How to use Vocabulary Cards

Below are video lesson plans on using our vocabulary cards. The first step is to learn how to teach vocabulary by using the 3-period lesson. You can use the 3-period lesson with everything in your space (wool carpet, tile floor, shelf, faucet, paisley pillow, etc.). Sorting comes after that.

You can do vocabulary work with any of our photo-only cards. Just make sure there is no vocabulary on the cards you use; those are a distraction for pre-readers. In fact, those words might make them feel inferior because they can't read them yet (they experience a subtle sense of failure). So, keep your photos on their own for these lessons. Save the words for when the child has the possibility of reading them!

If you'd like to print out a hard copy with this information, here is a link to our Vocabulary Cards lesson plan (PDF). If you'd like more videos, just send us an email and let us know what you'd like!