Complete Definition Card Set/20

$99.95 USD

Buy this complete set of all of our definition cards and save 10% on the laminated cards and over 60% on the unlaminated cards (while supplies last)! Includes individual packets for each of the following English materials:

  • "Parts of" the Ant, Bird, Butterfly, Fish, Flag, Frog, Flower (unlaminated includes one packet for both Monocot and Dicot flowers; laminated includes separate packets for each type of flower), Horse, Katydid, Leaf, Lobster, Spider, Snail, Starfish (sea star), Tree, and Turtle
  • Land & Water 1 and 2
  • Leaf Shapes
  • Horse Coat Colors

Note: We are discontinuing unlaminated definition card sets. We've marked a huge discount on the sets we have in stock. Get them while they last! 

Item #: DEFALL