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Parts of the Lobster 3-Part Reading

$6.50 USD

Children love to know the names of each part of the body, their own and the animals they see in the world around them. These cards are standard Montessori teaching ma...
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Parts of the Lobster Book

$13.95 USD

Did you know that a lobster's "tail" is actually it's abdomen? Or that their head and torso are combined into one piece called the cephalothorax? Scan through this boo...
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Parts of the Lobster Book & Card Set

$49.95 USD

This discounted set includes one each of "Parts of" the Lobster materials including: Definition book 3-part photo cards Definition cards Lesson plan included All mat...
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Parts of the Lobster Definitions

$4.95 USD

These definition cards match the pages in the "Parts of" the Lobster book, but in this card format, the children get to mix and match. They can play with phrases as if...
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