Big News: International Shipping Available to Almost Everywhere!

international shipping

We're so excited to announce that we are now able to ship to almost every country in the world! This is a huge accomplishment for a small business like ours! We have struggled for some time to navigate the various customs, duties, and tax requirements for different countries and have finally found a solution.

April 27, 2023 by Maitri Admin

Julia is presenting at the Baltimore Montessori Conference

baltimore conference talk on advanced primary language

Come spend two days with Julia this June at the Baltimore Montessori conference. She will spend one day diving deep into the primary (ages 3 to 6) math curriculum and another day focusing on the more advanced language materials that we can do with our third year primary students.

Here's some more information on each of the talks.

April 25, 2023 by Maitri Admin

Research on the Prepared Environment

Research on the Prepared Environment
The Harvard Center on the Developing Child has just released new research that explains why Montessorians care so much about carefully preparing a safe, clean, welcoming, and uplifting space for children. The places we live/learn/play affect us on a physiologic level!
This isn't just about uplifted, lovely classrooms. It's about clean air, clean water, and safe neighborhoods. This is about equity. If we want all children to thrive, we need to create environments that allow them to do so. 
Read the full paper at the Harvard Center on the Developing Child's website. Then, sign up for the Montessori Research Pool so you can help shape our future by participating in science. Hooray for research!!
March 30, 2023 by Maitri Sales

We're exhibiting at AMS Boston!

We can't wait to see you next week at the AMS Boston conference. Boston is Julia's hometown so she is jazzed to be there with all of you. Find us at BOOTH 304!

ams montessori boston conference

We are bringing two carloads of materials for you so check your budget and get ready to shop! Be sure to come by early if you want to dig through our scratch and dent imperfects baskets. Those always sell out fast.⁠

And don't forgot to enter our Raffle!⁠ We're giving away one gift certificate each day 🥰

We'll see you there!⁠

March 09, 2023 by Maitri Sales

Julia is presenting at AIMS Chicago!

AIMS chicago conferenceJulia is coming to the Windy City this Friday and Saturday to join all you Illinois Montessorians for a chat about Stress and Resilience (Friday) and the Planes of Neurodevelopment (Saturday). 

You can find all the conference details on the Association of Illinois Montessori Schools (AIMS) website. She is looking forward to seeing you there!

February 21, 2023 by Maitri Sales

We're exhibiting at AMI/USA in Baltimore!

ami usa baltimore montessori conference

Join us this weekend, February 16-19, in Baltimore, MD for the annual AMI/USA conference! You don't have to be an AMI trained guide to attend. Anyone can come and hear the wisdom of the sages. Don't miss out!

Visit the AMI/USA conference website for details.

And Kim has loaded Julia's car up with discounted items. So, come ready to find bargains and explore some of our favorite perfect materials. Or just come by to say hello and catch up! 

We look forward to seeing you there!

February 15, 2023 by Maitri Sales

Julia is presenting at the Polish Montessori Conference!

julia presenting in poland

Come and join Julia and other amazing Montessorians in Warsaw this April.

Julia will be offering a keynote on the Neuroscience of Montessori and several workshops on stress/resilience, the neurdevelopment of language/bilingualism, and how the Montessori Dwyer system can be put into place in any classroom to teach any language. Find the details at

See you there!

February 10, 2023 by Maitri Sales

Holiday Gift Guide

Looking for a great gift for children that will last and keep giving throughout the year? You're in the right place! 

holiday preschool gifts

November 15, 2022 by Maitri Sales

Veteran's Day Gratitude

Today I have gratitude for the service of veterans and am simultaneously committed to working for peace!
November 11, 2022 by Maitri Sales

Fabric scraps are now being recycled!

We hate trash! And now we found a way to recycle our fabric scraps so they don't go to waste. YES!! We'll post more details after we have some experience with this organization to make sure we love them.

October 28, 2022 by Maitri Sales