Office dog news!!

Big news! 

apple is going to be a mom

Our office dog Apple is going to be a mom! She's due October 16 and we have an office pool going guessing how many puppies she'll have.

🐺 José says 4
🐺 Chris says 5
🐺 Kim says 7
🐺 Julia says 8
🐺 Mel says 10

What do you think?

apple husky office dog


September 26, 2023 by Maitri Admin

Montessori Research Study: Be Part of our Group!

montessori research help needed

We need your help! Julia Volkman (Maitri Learning's founder and faculty on the Brain Health Initiative) is working with Ann Epstein (a professor at the University of Wisconsin) and Suba Jagannathan (a statistician and Montessori mom) to conduct a study on how to support Montessori teachers. 

We need teachers at all age levels who are willing to periodically fill out surveys and reflections. 

Can you help? Your information will be kept confidential and participation is completely voluntary. 

If interested, please complete ALL of the following online forms BEFORE SEPTEMBER 30, 2023:
  1. Informed Consent
  2. Teacher demographic information
  3. Teacher work situation
  4. Copenhagen burnout inventory
  5. Montessori teacher self-efficacy scale
  6. Teacher's learning orientation scale
There will be one more survey to fill out next month. Then, we'll ask you to complete surveys again in January 2024, May 2024, and in May of 2027 we'll ask for an updated Teacher Work Situation survey. That's all it takes to be involved.
Please click on the Informed Consent above to learn more about the study and how your data will be anonymized before it is analyzed. If you'd like to participate, fill out all of the above.
Thanks for taking the time to read this and for participating if you are able!
May all beings benefit,
Julia Volkman
August 21, 2023 by Julia Volkman

Screen Time and Learning Webinar

Julia is looking forward to chatting with the Montessori Foundation about how screen time effects brain development and learning. She is going to share ideas about why and how families can both enjoy the benefits of our devices and clearly set boundaries for skillful use of technology and screens.

Sign up today.

screentime and learning

August 09, 2023 by Maitri Admin

Mentoring Available

greenspring center for lifelong learning

We are so excited to announce that our founder and fearless leader, Julia Volkman, will be mentoring early childhood (primary, ages 3-6+) Montessori Guides through the Greenspring Center for Lifelong Learning! 

julia volkman veronica burbano

Julia will be leading this program alongside her dear friend Veronica Burbano. Veronica has not only the wisdom of her own years teaching (when Julia was her mentor) but also the wisdom she has gained from completing the incredible AMI Trainer-in-Training program. 

The Mentoring Community begins on Tuesday, August 7 and is available to teachers and administrators from toddler through adolescence. The early bird registration deadline ends in a few days so sign up sooner to realize these savings. Meetings are held every Tuesday from 4:00 pm ET to 5:30 pm ET.

Here's what to expect in this evidence-based mentoring program:

June 26, 2023 by Maitri Sales

Neurodevelopment in Montessori in Paris!

Bienvenue a Paris! Julia had a fun meeting with Parents and faculty at the Bilingual Montessori School, rue Papin this week. This lovely school in an historic neighborhood welcomes children from ages 3 to 12. 

You can watch the talk on our YouTube channel. We hope this helps!

May 25, 2023 by Maitri Admin

Reading through the Lens of Neuroscience

We are so excited to announce that Julia is presenting as part of the Montessori and the Science of Reading P2P Summit! The summit will take place from June 19-21 but registering also gives you online access for one year so don't worry if you'll be at the beach those days. 


May 05, 2023 by Maitri Admin

Big News: International Shipping Available to Almost Everywhere!

international shipping

We're so excited to announce that we are now able to ship to almost every country in the world! This is a huge accomplishment for a small business like ours! We have struggled for some time to navigate the various customs, duties, and tax requirements for different countries and have finally found a solution.

April 27, 2023 by Maitri Admin

Julia is presenting at the Baltimore Montessori Conference

baltimore conference talk on advanced primary language

Come spend two days with Julia this June at the Baltimore Montessori conference. She will spend one day diving deep into the primary (ages 3 to 6) math curriculum and another day focusing on the more advanced language materials that we can do with our third year primary students.

Here's some more information on each of the talks.

April 25, 2023 by Maitri Admin

Research on the Prepared Environment

Research on the Prepared Environment
The Harvard Center on the Developing Child has just released new research that explains why Montessorians care so much about carefully preparing a safe, clean, welcoming, and uplifting space for children. The places we live/learn/play affect us on a physiologic level!
This isn't just about uplifted, lovely classrooms. It's about clean air, clean water, and safe neighborhoods. This is about equity. If we want all children to thrive, we need to create environments that allow them to do so. 
Read the full paper at the Harvard Center on the Developing Child's website. Then, sign up for the Montessori Research Pool so you can help shape our future by participating in science. Hooray for research!!
March 30, 2023 by Maitri Sales

We're exhibiting at AMS Boston!

We can't wait to see you next week at the AMS Boston conference. Boston is Julia's hometown so she is jazzed to be there with all of you. Find us at BOOTH 304!

ams montessori boston conference

We are bringing two carloads of materials for you so check your budget and get ready to shop! Be sure to come by early if you want to dig through our scratch and dent imperfects baskets. Those always sell out fast.⁠

And don't forgot to enter our Raffle!⁠ We're giving away one gift certificate each day 🥰

We'll see you there!⁠

March 09, 2023 by Maitri Sales